Nov 262013


WESMES ball valves provide a wide range of capabilities for different applications.The Wesmec ball valves line includes 2, 3, 4 and 5 way designs. Ball designs provide a wide range of pressure capabilities. Fixed end connections are also available.

Select a ball valve for :

  • Simple operation.
  • Visual indication of flow.
  • Full porting for maximum flow.
  • Rodability.
  • Long cycle life.
  • Easy remote operation.

Choose a 2-way ball valve for quick, quarter – turn, on- off service. A 3-way ball valve uses 180o operation for diverting flow from one line to another. 4-way valves are dual switching valves, changing two flow paths at the same time. 5 – way, or diverter, valves allow flow through any of four possible paths. Wesmec 3-piece bolted ball valves provide extended flow capability. Before making your valve selection, be sure to consider the system pressure, operating temperature, required flow and materials of construction.

Wesmec High Quality Ball Valves :

  • Advanced low torque design - Our ball valves have very low operating torques, and a range of seat materials to give the ultimate in process environmental compatibility.
  • Stainless steel handle – One piece stamped 316 Stainless Steel handle gives positive feel, quarter turn rust free operation.
  • Stop pin – A 316 Stainless Steel “dead stop” pin is held into the body by a machined anti- vibration spline.
  • Seats – Our totally enclosed and renewable seats offer wide process compatibility whilst maintaining a positive sealing across the entire operating range. This high level of seat integrity allows both vacuum, and high pressure services from one valve.
  • Ball – This precision machined component is super finished assuring low operating torques.
  • Rodability – Positive 90 O travel combined with clear thru’ bores ensures easy rodding.
  • Process Threads – CNS super finished screw cut threads ease assembly with reduced risk of galling.
  • Spindle - A one piece stem incorporates an anti – blowout shoulder which maintains seal integrity at all pressure. Twin anti-vibration lock nuts are standard.
  • Body seals – Totally contained PTFE ‘O’ ring body seals give high body integrity, and additionally protect the body threads from process media.


All Wesmec ball valves are subjected to three pressure test, a hydrostatic test at the full rated pressure and low pressure pneumatic test at 150PSI , as well as a shell test to 1.5 times working pressure.

Vaccum Service

Our ball valves are suitable for vacuum service and have been tested at 0.01mbar with no detectable leakage.

Anti – Static Option

Can be specified with our ball valves.

Continuous Development

Of existing and new ball valve products maintain the highest levels of performance and integrity for our products. Wesmec Valves maintain in-house fire test, cycling and combined pressure/temperature test facilities.

Size Range :1/8″ to 1″

Optional End Connection
FLANGES Various flanged ends to your requirements.
BT BSP taper pipe threads (BS21)
DIN Standard available.
BP BSP parallel pipe thread ( BS 2779) Top sealing only.
SW Extended male or female socket weld.
BW Extended butt weld.

Maximum Pressure Rating : UPTO 6000 PSI.
Maximum Operating Temperature : 0° to 350° F.