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Laboratory Apparatus

Laboratory Apparatus

Wesmec Sampling Cylinders are manufactured to the highest quality standard. These are specially designed to ensure maximum safety and ease of use.

They find numerous applications for hydrocarbon sampling in refineries, gas processing plants and petrochemical facilities. Sampling cylinders permit the drawing off of a sample from a remote process location and provide safe containment for storage and transportation to the laboratory for analysis. They also find application as pressure surge accumulators, gas sampling for chromatograph use, lecture bottles for lab use, and condensate sampling and transporting in fossile and nuclear power plants.

Material of construction :

Wesmec Sampling Cylinders are constructed of seamless 316 Stainless Steel hemispherical end- caps for maximum integrity and  corrosion resistance. They are designed and constructed to meet ASME non fired boiler pressure vessel code VIII and IS 2825 for a test pressure of 410 BAR(6000 PSI) and are hydrostatically pressure tested to 345 BAR (5000 PSI). The test pressure and capacity is marked on the bomb. All cylinders are supplied with micro controlled heavy duty 316 SS needle valves. Needle valve are available with replacable stem assemblies.

316 SS Bombs are available in following capacities :

  • 200 ML
  • 250 ML
  • 500 ML
  • 625 ML.
  • 1000 ML
  • 2000 ML
  • 2500 ML

Accessories available with bomb.

  • Quick Connector Coupling,
  • Adaptor,
  • Connector
  • Hoses etc.

We also manufacture :

  • Vapour Pressure apparatus – As per IS:1448 ( P : 71) – 1979 &
  • Corrosion Test Cylinder – As per IS :1448 ( P : 15 ) – 1976