Dec 172013

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Screwed Bonnet Needle Valves

Needle Valves - Wesmec Engineering Pvt. Ltd.WESMEC Screwed Bonnet Valves illustrate the high quality machining and precision workmanship evident in all Wesmec products. Vee stems for shut- off and fine control over a wide range of flows in all orifice sizes. PTFE tip stems are available for positive repetitive shut -off . Wesmec Screwed Bonnet Valves are used with a wide variety of fluids on applications such as : sampling lines, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, gages, meters, test benches and panels.

Special Features :

Machined, pure Teflon cylinder packing, fully contained by metal ( ) Packing adjustable and can be replaced without removing valve from system ( ) Precision machined barstock body ( ) Type 316 stainless stems in all valves ( ) Metal to metal, body to bonnet seal ( ) Straight and angle patterns ( ) Universal mounting nut standard ( ) Wesmec S-Lok® end connections (1/8″ TO 1″) ( ) Female pipe connections (1/8″ thru 1″) ( ) 100% factory tested.

Forged Body Needle valves :

Needle Valves - Wesmec Engineering Pvt. Ltd.WESMEC Forged Body Valves offer a complete range of sizes and end connections. All Forged Body Valves can be furnished with Wesmec S-Lok® Tube Fitting connections as well as male or female pipe connections in a variety of materials. large orifice Forged Body Valves can be used for flow throttling or shut – off. PTFE stems are recommended for positive, repetitive shut- off with thin gases and non -lubricating fluids, where operating conditions will permit . Due to the wide range of patterns, sizes, end connections and stem types available, Wesmec Forged Body Valves provide complete flexibility in any layout from miniaturized tubing systems to ¾” pipe systems. Rugged, compact, Forged Body Valves afford complete versatility for ease of installation and exacting service.

Special Features :

Integral bonnet construction ( ) Machined pure Teflon cylinder packing, fully contained by metal ( ) Packing adjustable and can be replaced without removing valve from system ( ) Type 316 Stainless stems in all valves except Monel ( ) Rugged, compact forged body ( ) Straight, angle, and cross patterns ( ) Low operating torque ( ) Universal mounting nut standard ( ) Color coded handles ( ) 100% factory tested.

Technical Data :

Process Connections
N= NPT ANSI B1.20.1
B= BSP Taper BS21, ISO7/1
BP= BSPP BS2779,ISO 228/1+2,DIN 3852 FORM A
METRIC BS3643,ISO 261, 262


Materials :

Wesmec Needle Valves are available in 316 Stainless Steel ,Brass, Steel, Aluminum, Monel, High Duty Bronze, 6MO, Hastelloy C, Incoloy 825, Inconel 600, Titanium and Carpenter 20. Valve Components / Spares are machined from cold finished bar stock and shaped bodies are machined from close grain forgings. The raw materials used fully conform to the chemical requirements of one or more of the specifications listed below.

Typical raw material specifications :

Material Bar Forging
Stainless steel BS970 316-S31DIN 4401ASME SA479-316 BS970 316-S31DIN 4401ASME SA182-316
Brass BS2874 CZ121ASTMB16 ALLOY 360ASTMB453 ALLOY 345 BS2872 CZ122ASTMB124 ALLOY 377
Steel ASTM A108 ASTM A576
Aluminium ASTM B211 ASTM B211
Monel BS 3076 NA 13ASTM B164 BS 3076 NA 13ASTM B164
Hastelloy C276 ASTM B575 ASTM B574
Incoloy 825 BS 3076 NA16ASTM B425 BS 3076 NA16ASTM B425
Inconel 600 ASTM B 166 ASTM B564


Features :

  • Millions of successful installations in various Refineries, Power Sectore, Fertilizers, Chemicals & Other Industries.
  • Unique rotating tips – field interchangeable.
  • Unique pressure compensating spindle seal.
  • Actuation threads protected from the process & environment.

Maximum Operating Temperature : UPTO 540 C
Maximum Operating Pressure : UPTO 6000 PSI

All standard valves can withstand upto 6000 PSI . If valves are required for high pressure up to 10,000 psi then the same can be provided on request.